Recommended Albums

Duruflé Organ Works

Torvald Torén

This album contains four major organ works by Maurice Duruflé, from a 1977 live concert at Hedvig Eleonora Church in Stockholm. Organist Torvald Torén spent a great part of his career... Read

Suomalaisia lauluja

Toivo Kärki

A memorable live concert with songs by Finnish tango legend, Toivo Kärki. Lead by vocalist Eeppi Ursin and her band in Tampere, Finland, the selections are Finnish beloved classics from the... Read

Scandinavian Yuletide Voices - Christmas Carols

Mika Pohjola, Lisa Werlinder, Rigmor Gustafsson, Eeppi Ursin

Featuring Lisa Werlinder, Rigmor Gustafsson, Theo Bleckmann, Eeppi Ursin, Sanni Orasmaa and several others, Scandinavian Yuletide Voices provides us the most refreshing take on holiday music released... Read

Early Recordings

Alvaro Is Rojas

Spanish pianist Alvaro Is Rojas recorded this collection of expressive jazz songs in Prague, Czech Republic and Stockholm, Sweden in the early part of the 1990s. About half of the selections are his... Read


Akiko Pavolka, Peter Hess, Pete Rende, Matt Pavolka

There are so many different influences present in the music on the newest CD Bridge by Akiko Pavolka's House of Illusion that it almost defies categorization. This could therefore place this music in... Read


Bertram Lehmann

is a drummer, percussionist, ethnomusicologist and writer. His family eventually... learn more

Johann Sebastian Bach

is often cited as the most significant composer of modern music. His position as the... learn more

Toivo Kärki

is regarded as one of the most prolific Non-Argentinian tango composers of the 20th... learn more

Otto Olsson

was a Swedish composer of classical music. Olsson is regarded as one of the... learn more


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